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I know this is hard to believe, but Christmas is only a little over 100 days away (103 to be exact). Christmas decorations are up for sell at Hobby Lobby and Target, so the time to get ready is here! So I thought I could help you prepare as well.

I am offering a "deal" on 4x6's for Christmas cards. I will be charging my $50 sitting fee, but will be lowering the price of 4x6's that are purchased in bulk. I would love to have the honor of taking some family pictures for you that you could use as a Christmas card picture.

Other print pricing will be the same, but I will offer 4x6's for $1.00 each for 50 or more of the same proof and $0.75 on orders of more than 100 ( I usually charge $4 for a single 4x6).

Please contact me if you are interested or just want to get more info. This is a good time to get on the calendar for pictures you might want taken in October or early November.

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HolstedBoyz said...

Adam's and my 10th anniversary is coming up next year and I DO want a HUGE picture...discuss with me next time you see me, I need ideas, locations, etc...and how large can you make it? Prices and details

Sarah said...

Sign us up. I'd love for you to work your magic on a McGooden family Christmas card!

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