Glamping Arkansas

In June I was invited along for a weekend of Glamour Camping. Being a girl who is a camper only by marriage I was a bit hesitant of camping without my husband (or really my Father-in-Law or Brother-in-Law), but I do like glamour and the sweet ladies of AR Women Bloggers so I decided to call on my inner Alison Chino and go along for the fun. I loaded my car full of fabric, snacks, all things pink, bug spray and my camera and headed towards Petit Jean. 

It was a spectacle of fabric and pretty things as we ascended on the yurts at Petit Jean State Park. We each unloaded our cars and took to decorating the bunks and surrounding area and even setting up a bucket toilet outside (what!?!).
The night ended with a yummy dinner and lots of chatting.
On Saturday we enjoyed breakfast at the Mather Lodge, a drive to a small mountain market and then a visit with Ms. Fern. Fern lives on the mountain and is truly a local treasure. She welcomed us to her adorable home and magnificent garden. She took time to show us around and as we walked and talked she put together the most amazing bouquet of freshly cut flowers. She offered words of wisdom and was truly a delight, I heart her.

Back at camp we had a little down time and enjoyed the cool breeze that came with a passing rain shower and then it was time to really do it up. We did some more decorating outside to prepare for a glamping photo shoot and another night of fun conversation, special drinks and good food.

Then as quickly as it came it was time to pack up the fabric and garlands and head back to the real world, which is much less pink in my case.
I am thankful for this fun weekend and the ladies I got to share it with.

food-ish friday...the happy camper

Last weekend I went on a weekend getaway with five other blogging friends. I was pumped to be with these women for a relaxing weekend away and even more excited that it would be my first glamping trip! Glamour camping seems right up my alley so I was more than happy to come along for the fun. And what kind of quest would I be if I should up without a special drink for the weekend. We named it the happy camper in honor or our surroundings, but it is essentially a raspberry lemonade cocktail. Refreshing and simple, a perfect summer drink. 
I made each drink separately and love the use of a mason jar for both style and function. Because the jars are marked there is no need to use anything else to measure.

The Happy Camper:

2 oz raspberries, i used semi thawed frozen berries, but fresh would be wonderful
2 oz whipped cream vodka
fill glass with ice and top with lemonade, approximately 8 oz
I used fresh made lemonade and I think this really made a difference, you can pick it up at a local store or restaurant or make it yourself.
We sipped these cocktails while taking some photos and sharing lots of laughs. What cocktails will you be sipping this summer?
I'll be back next week to show you more of our beautiful glamping site at Petit Jean State Park.
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Happy Friday!

Austin c/o 2014...seniors 2015 time to book!

senior photos, whitney loibner photography, boy senior, dressy senior
As the class of 2014 gets in full swing of summer and college preparation I am excited for a whole new group of high school seniors. The class of 2015 are official seniors and can get excited about all fun that role holds. It is a year for lots of memory making and so many first and last. Now is the time to start thinking about all the fun ahead and preparing to soak all of it in.
senior photos, whitney loibner photography, boy senior, dressy senior

senior photos, whitney loibner photography, boy senior, dressy senior
It is also a great time to start checking some things off the list and I would love to be a part of that. I adore taking senior photos and being a part of this season in your life. Now is a great time to book senior sessions for early fall, while you still have a tan. If you love summer weather and clothes September and early October are a great option for photos that bring in summer without so much heat.
senior photos, whitney loibner photography, boy senior, dressy senior

senior photos, whitney loibner photography, boy senior, rock climbing, ropes

senior photos, whitney loibner photography, boy senior, rock climbing, ropes

senior photos, whitney loibner photography, boy senior, rock climbing, ropes
Today I am posting from a college campus and am so pumped for those of you that will be here next year. Happy Summer!
senior photos, whitney loibner photography, boy senior, rock climbing, ropes

Travel Thursday...Crested Butte, CO in March

I fell in love with these mountains when I first laid eyes on them around 20 years ago. Falling to sleep in the car driving across flat Kansas roads it is such a wonderful surprise waking up to the Rockies in the distance. This trip would be like many others we have taken to Colorado and still the joy of the mountains does not escape me. Plus this time there was the added bonus of seeing people I love wake up to this surprise for the first time. 
And then my little people seeing it for the first time in several years and pulling into precious Crested Butte, which we fell in love with a couple of summers ago on a week long campout with the Chinos. Colorado ski towns are like nothing else and I adore getting to take them in winter or summer. 

This time there was a small bump in the road as I tore my ACL on the first day out, but with a little work I was able to put a positive-ish spin on things and just enjoy the lovely scenery, plenty of downtime and even manage a sitting snow ball fight.
And then there was the unbridled joy of these two little skiers that made the whole thing worth it and ended each day with a wonderful story of adventure and things they did with their daddy that I'm sure my presence would have complicated. 

It has been a very long and trying last 12 weeks. I have found new levels of patience and been ridiculously humbled. I have been incredibly cared for and loved. I have been frustrated and encouraged and so very challenged, but I know that it is all in the name of some kind of growth. Today I am crutch free and walk almost normally and as I look back at this wonderful week I am thankful for these memories and maybe some be continued...

Things you should do in Crested Butte:
-eat pizza, it is highly debated where so I say just eat pizza. Multiple good options. 
-ski in the winter or bike in the summer
-stare at those mountains, nothing like the Rockies
-get outside
-take the free bus, Simon Chino says it's the best thing in town
-read a book in the adorable Townie books, a MP Chino favorite
-walk down Elk Avenue, adorable shops inside and out

Summer or winter it is such a beautiful place. Can't wait to go back! 

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Tony c/o 2014 (NLRHS senior 2014)

Same. Love this young man, his family and his heart. So excited for him! 

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