under umbrellas

 On a rare occasion I have to reschedule a shoot based on bad weather. It is always a bummer, but we work it out and generally make it up in the next week. Last week I had plans to meet up with this beautiful 16 year old and a group of her friends to celebrate her 16th birthday. I was really excited about the shoot because of what a fun group of girls they are, but it was raining and because it was apart we couldn't reschedule. It had been a very rainy few days and we went back and forth about what would be the best plan. At the last minute I told the girls to grab their umbrellas and we would make it work....I'm so glad we did!

 They are a gorgeous group (can you believe they are only 16?) and they had a great time working the umbrellas. We even got a few breaks from the rain and managed a few shots without the umbrellas. The night went on with a fun dinner at Benihana and cake and surprise cars back at home! so fun.
Happy 16th!

what i wore on a caribbean cruise

Because my WIWW partner in crime has been gone for more than a week on her cruise I have not taken photos this week, but I decided to still link up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy and share some what i wore pictures from our February cruise. We took a seven day cruise in the Caribbean in February with our kids. I love clothes and a packing list is one of my favorite things so here is what I packed for a 7 day cruise to Jamaica, Cozumel and the Cayman Islands out of Galveston, TX.
packing, cruise, Carnival Magic, february cruise, cruise clothes packing, cruise, Carnival Magic, february cruise, cruise clothes
packing, cruise, Carnival Magic, february cruise, cruise clothes
packing, cruise, Carnival Magic, february cruise, cruise clothes
packing, cruise, Carnival Magic, february cruise, cruise clothes
packing, cruise, Carnival Magic, february cruise, cruise clothes
seven night time dresses (i love clothes so you could go with less)
5 pairs night time shoes, some could double as daytime shoes
tennis shoes
2 pairs socks
flip flops
under things
2 pairs pjs
yoga pants (for exercising or early morning hang out)
2 t-shirts (for exercising or early morning hang out)
light hoodie
couple of cardigans
1 pair of jeans (wore these onto the boat)
3 pairs shorts
5 daytime tops
3 swimsuits
2 swimsuit cover ups
rubber bands for windy hair
cute hat for hanging by the pool
2 pairs sunglasses (just in case)
towel (they give you one, but we liked having our own. not sure if i would do that again)
hair brush
shampoo, lotion, razors, other toiletries...
1 book
cell phone
day pack (we took a mesh beach bag that we could use at the pool or ports)

cruise, Carnival Magic, february cruise

packing questions i had before i cruised the first time...
-do i need a towel?....you don't, but i found having my own beach towel was a good way to mark seats
-do i need a hair dryer?....all cruises i have been on have provided a hair dryer
-what about luggage?....i have packed myself in a large roller bag for my last two cruises and that was fine for holing what i needed and i had plenty of room in our cabin to store it. For this cruise we had a regular stateroom with a balcony and had packed in three large rolling bags for the four of us. I found that we could store our luggage inside each other and then under the bed.
-soap, shampoo, conditioner?....soap and shampoo was provided, but i can't remember about conditioner. i packed my own.
-was it cold on a cruise in February?....it was cool on the day we left Galveston. We each took one jacket and wore it on the boat. We had a sunny day so we were very comfortable in jeans, short sleeves, and a lightweight jacket for setting sail. It was cool through the morning of the second day, but then upper 80s and obviously a little breezy. We wore shorts and short sleeves the rest of the time until our last day of sailing. We had a rainy last day as we headed back into the Gulf of Mexico and were wearing our jeans and light jackets again.
  pleated poppy

what i wore wednesday (5)

shoes: tjMaxx
cardigan: gap
earrings: target
In a rare September treat we have enjoyed temperatures in the 70s and 80s this week. For Arkansas that is 20 degrees below the norm and I have been loving every minute of it. I adore a cardigan and have had fun pulling out my jeans. It has also been a very rainy week so my rain boots have had plenty of wear and I might have spent Monday in my pajamas (not pictured). Fun to look through this weeks photos and see how much weather effects what we wear. I'm excited to pull out my new Country Outfitter boots and move into fall.
*I will be giving away a pair of Country Outfitter boots here on the blog in just a few weeks!!!
 top: h&m
jeans: gap
shoes: gap
necklace: gift
earrings: gift
 umbrella: gap
boots: academy sports
jeans: banana republic
tshirt: gap
hoodie: gap
jeans: gap
blazer: h&m
necklace: my mom made it
tank: j crew
bracelets: forever 21
shoes: target
Week 5 of linking up with Lindsay of the Pleated Poppy for What i Wore Wednesday. Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy
Jamaica, Montego Bay, Carnival Magic, excursions, family cruise
I am working my hardest to not be jealous of Alison and MP as they set out on this adventure. I am beyond excited and maybe just a little jealous as they board their cruise ship tomorrow and cruise through the Mediterranean. I think in their absence and in order to keep my sanity I will work my way through our family cruise pictures from this past February. This is a photo from our day in Jamaica. We cruised the Carnival Magic.

newborn info (little rock, arkansas newborn photographer)

When I am approached about newborn photos, a job I adore, I have a few things that I let my clients know. We usually have talked before the birth and have a few days picked out that might work. I like to shoot a newborn in the first two weeks, ten days if possible. Then we plan for me to be in the clients home or shoot in my home and we talk about ideas for the shoot. I show up for the shoot, which is generally 2-4 hours with brakes for soothing and feeding, with some props, a heater, and plenty of baby wipes. I have the client collect props they want used and maybe some baskets and blankets to have on hand.
Usually by shooting in these first few days of life we are working with a sleepy newborn who is still all cuddled up and easily tucked into different poses.
In a rare treat we might get a few open eye shots, but these are much more likely on the second shoot which I call smiles, sometime between 2-4 months. I do offer a newborn package which is 3 sessions in the first year for $200 in sitting fees (a $100 discount).
happy monday!


On this rainy day we are doing a lot of nothing and a little bit of catching up. In looking through some photos I am working on I came across these beautiful images of my niece, MP. We took these photos a few weeks ago on a rainy day a lot like this one. MP is thirteen and tomorrow she and her mama are heading off on an amazing adventure. They are doing a girl trip to celebrate MP's thirteenth birthday, a 12 day cruise leaving from Barcelona and sailing through the Mediterranean. I am beyond excited for them and have been brought to tears over the anticipation. They are sure to share laughter and tears and I can't even image the memories that will be made and shared for a lifetime. 
As I open my windows and smell the rain today I am envisioning these ladies I love smelling the sweet salt water in just a few days. Here is wishing them a good journey, Bon Voyage. 

what i wore wednesday (4)

girl in belted dress, vines, dress
dress:Forever 21
belt: h&m
shoes: Macys
 Hello again. This is week four for me to join up with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. If you haven't checked out the WIWW community I highly suggested it. I find it to be a great way to get clothing inspiration and a fun way to see pretty things. Over the weeks I have decided that my favorite part might be checking out peoples locations. As a photographer I am constantly scoping out a good location, looking for beauty in obvious and not so obvious places. Alison and I have been trying to take our pictures with a different background everyday, it's harder than you would think, and it's made me way more aware of the spaces around both of our houses. I think sometime this fall I will try to do a week of fun backdrops and maybe a little guessing game on where we are on wednesday...just a thought. Happy Wednesday everybody!
fedora, girl in hat, hat, stripes, jean shorts
 shorts: gap
tank: target
jacket: t j maxx
hat: target
earrings: a birthday present
shoes: Dillards
fabric necklace, anthropologie cloth necklace, green necklace
 jeans: banana republic
tank: gap
cardigan: old navy
necklace: anthropologie
shoes: dillards
lace top, green lace, toms wedges
jeans: gap
shirt: francescas
necklace: aerie
shoes: toms
 girl in  red shirt, jeans
jeans: gap (same as yesterday)
top: forever 21
cardigan: target
shoes: macys
hairband: FOE
pleated poppy

smiles (arkansas children's photographer)

baby, brown hair, coca cola crate, coke crate
 Last year I was beyond excited when one of my oldest friends told me that she was pregnant for the first time.  We grew up together and I was overjoyed when she married a guy I love, and now the news that they were having a baby filled my heart.  The road to becoming a mother had been a long one for my friend, so we were celebrating all the more this exciting time in her life
baby, brown hair, baby cheeks

Her pregnancy progressed well.  She looked beautiful and she rocked heels the whole time she was pregnant!   
baby, brown hair, football leggings,
 When it was time for her to have her baby, all went smoothly with her delivery, but on day two of her little boy's life, some complications landed this sweet new family in the NICU.  For a few days, things were very scary.
baby smile, cute faces

Soon later, he was fine and my friend and her husband got to go home with their beautiful baby boy.  I took his newborn photos last winter and so I was amazed to see how he's grown when I took his pictures again this summer.

He is sitting up and laughing and still working that beautiful brown hair.

what i wore wednesday

yellow shirt, umbrella, what i wore wednesday, jeans
jeans: gap
shirt: forever 21
shoes: target
necklace: Lisa Leonard
 Joining up again this week for What I wore Wednesday with the Pleated Poppy. It is my third week to link up and so I thought i would share the three things i have noticed since doing this.
1) i don't wear make up lots of days and i might need to rethink that decision :)
2) i am now overly aware of wearing the same shoes two days in a row. it is nothing to be ashamed of, but i am challenging myself to wear the things i have
3) that goes for jewelry too. i am not so much wearing the same things over, but just not wearing what i have. going to try to wear necklaces and earring i forgot i had.
red jeans, colored jeans, what i wore wednesday
 jeans: gap outlet
top: j crew
sandals: gap
necklace: a gift from my mom
earrings: urban outfitter
hat, fedora, lisa leonard, necklace,
top: forever 21
cardigan: gap
necklace: Lisa Leonard
hat: target
shoes: Macys
 shorts: j crew
top: banana republic
jacket: anthropologie
sandals: dillards
target earrings, country outfitter, boots, boots and dress, boot shoot, boot socks
dress: target
belt: forever 21
earrings: target
boots: country outfitter
Happy Wednesday! Can't wait to get over the hump.

pleated poppy
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