laughter {central arkansas family photographer}

I talk a lot about how much i love what i do and i feel so lucky that i get to do this job. I am reminded of this love each time I am behind my camera. It is a safe and happy place for me, a place that I feel like I get to be who I really am. It is easier for me to let my guard down and have conversations and ask questions. And I love people. I love getting to know a couple or a child or a family and who they are and what makes them tic. It is a treat to me to get to be a part of peoples lives in this small way and a challenge to capture them as who they are.

This past Saturday I spent the afternoon with this family, who i have known for a long time. I loved seeing them together and I have honestly not laughed this much in a long time. As a mom of boys I could really appreciate this beautiful mom's relationship with her sons and that she was able to laugh off their crazy posing and general silliness(boys are SILLY!)

I also loved that as a couple these two really wanted me to spend a chunk of the time with them, I adore shooting couples! and think it is so fun when a couple that has been married a while (10 years for these 2) wants to capture the relationship they share aside from their kiddos.

We were also crazy lucky on the weather.
We shot on one of the two days that it was not freezing or raining.

Thanks so much for letting me spend this time with your family and for all the laughs.

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HolstedBoyz said...

LOVE IT! Can't wait to see the rest, to start ordering!

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