#CousinsTakeEurope...rainy London day

When we planned to head to Europe this past summer there was one destination that our boys really wanted to work in the itinerary, London! When I was in college my parents moved to London and lived there for 3 years. My boys have heard many stories of that dreamy time for my parents and for Peter and I who visited a couple of times while they were there. It is also dreamy to them in a Harry Potter way. We arrived at the train station in London around midnight and to get things off on the right foot we headed straight to platform 9 3/4. We had heard stories of long lines to see this cutie spot, but luckily there are no lines at midnight! Many photos and great big smiles and then a short cab ride to our London accommodations. Our home for the three days there would be the London Central Hostel. It was a great option for traveling with a group and with kids and in a wonderful location.

On our first full day in London we did the following/I want to remember:
Breakfast at Fernandez&Wells
LOTS of rides in the double decker buses (our favorite?)
A walk around Trafalgar Square
St Paul's Cathedral
Walking across the Thames on the pedestrian bridge (wow)
Tate Modern Museum
Lunch at Tortillas
A walk down the south side of the Thames and through Hays galleria
Strolling through my parent's old neighborhood, Shad Thames
Sipping lots of warm drinks in the rain
Crossing the Tower Bridge
A boat cruise on City Cruises (this was so cool!!! See more on Alison's blog)
Putting eyes on the London eye and Big Ben ("it's not that big" say the kids)
More warm drinks, phone charging and meeting up with Chipper and Tanja
Chipper sitting with Simon and Campbell on the front row of the bus
Peter and Wilson meeting up with a Starbucks partner, making London friends and latte art
Seeing the home of Sherlock Holmes
Dinner at a cutie pub in Northwest London
Back to the hostel and thankful for our bunk beds.

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