color me rad...a 5k is 3.1 miles

Several months ago when Kyran asked a group of bloggers if any of us would be interested in doing the Color Me Rad 5K I could have never imagined how fun that might be. I said yes because, though I have never run any race and don't consider myself sporty, I knew that I would be crazy to miss any opportunity to be with this group of ladies. It was a group that consisted of some of my most favorite people, ones I actually know and ones I mostly just internet know. It also helped when walking was mentioned and the draw of colorful swag and being bombed with bright bags full of cornstarch threw me over the edge. I am a sucker for color. 
We had a cocktail meet up a couple nights before the race, another affirmation that this was the perfect group for me. Trucker hats and knee socks all around and we were officially race ready. 
On the morning of the race we arrived at the Arkansas state fair grounds to a sea of people with bright sunglasses and crisp white shirts begging to be doused in color. Again I am not a racer, but I loved the vibe of this run. Everyone seemed super laid back and ready for a good time. I never felt like I was going to be run over or pushed out of the way. My regally walking routine, a ziplock bag for my phone, and the several times I had googled How Many Miles is a 5K (it's 3.1) proved enough prep. 
Here are the ladies! Elizabeth, the lady that photo bombed us, me, Kerri, Jacklyn, MP & Alison, Sarah, Amy, Kyran, and SB
I can't say enough how much fun we had. I think Color Me Rad or some version of a color run is a must do. I can't wait to do another! 

It must be said that though the color is washable-ish it did take two serious showers after the race to get the color mostly off. Even still I had pink under my arms, in my hair and between my fingers for a couple of days. All totally worth it as it made me smile every time I noticed.

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