second and fourth

On Friday the boys completed second and fourth grades. I am excited for our summer, but so sad that this year is over. We have had unbelievably amazing teachers all of our years in school, but I am already missing the sweet women who have poured so generously into my boys lives this year. It was the year of the red heads, we had two spunky red headed teachers who hugged my boys every day and helped them to become more confident young men.
These photos are from the first and last day and from them I can certainly tell that one big difference is the 10 feet they have each grown this year. what is that? They also have endlessly growing feet, I think Wilson will be able to share shoes with Peter by the end of next year. This year also brought a lot of growing up. Both boys are packing their lunch every day and taking more responsibility at home. If your kids are close in age you know that often times things like this happen for both of them together, maybe a little late for Wilson as he waited for Campbell to catch up. In school they both love reading and math and are the kind of kids that were sad to see the school year come to an end.
I am excited for a fun filled summer with all three of my guys! Happy Summer to you!
I really do smile for pictures. I think I was so concentrated on tickling Campbell and saying silly things to make Wilson smile that I forgot to smile myself :) Smiling now.

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