craven family peek

Every year it is a joy to work with the Craven family. It is possible that it is because it is my brother and his family, but it is also because we always find a fun place to shoot and spend half of our time laughing with or at each other. I love to laugh and the older I get I am learning the joy in being able to laugh at myself. This is an important skill when you are with your family and the people who know you best.
It is also a joy to watch my handsome nephew and beautiful niece as they grow...way too quickly. The way that I still see them as babies, much like my own children, and yet am able to see the teenage version of them that I know will sit before me in the blink of an eye.

This year we ventured to Jonesboro to take photos. My sister in law's family owns an old building that she was excited to use for photos because of sentimental reasons. I can not explain my excitement over this space. It is a challenge to show up at a place you have never seen and jump straight in to shooting so I was quietly intimidated by the possibility, but so thrilled with the result. I could spend a long time showing you photos of the smallest details of this wonderful space.
Instead just a tiny glimpse at the wonder.
Happy Monday!

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