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Today I am linking back up with the Instagram Travel Thursday group. These photos are from a long weekend trip we took to Northwest Arkansas in the spring. 
Peter and I both went to school in Fayetteville and our love for NWA runs deep. As I take the exit off of I-40 and head up 540 I can feel myself take deeper breaths, it is gorgeous and one of my happy places. On this trip we stopped off at Devil's Den State Park for some hiking and a little snack. I hadn't hiked these trails in years and they were just as beautiful as I remembered.
From there we headed on to Fayetteville were we spent two nights and spent time with friends.
We also had the chance to go to Crystal Bridges Museum. It is a must see! An American art museum that is itself a work of art. The gorgeous building is surrounded by hiking trails. Unfortunately the day we visited it was rainy so we will for sure head back this fall and check out the trails and make our way back through the museum. 
A little rainy day bed jumping and then we headed to another favorite place. Castle Bluff is a camp in Newton County Arkansas. It is a magical place filled with memories of my teenage years, of meeting my husband, falling in love, and wonderful people. It is a place I was so happy to introduce the boys to and I can't wait for the memories they will make here as they grow up.
This weekend I will head to this camp again for a weekend with 100 high school students. I am beyond excited and trying to rest up. 
Where are you traveling? I would love to see the beautiful places you go.

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