On this thanksgiving day I am feel so thankful. I have been working for a couple of days on a list of the things I'm thankful for, 34 things because this is my 34th thanksgiving.

1. My mama. The older I get the more I see all the amazing things she did for me. She is a strong woman who loved me fiercely and for her I am so grateful. 

2. Travel

3. Wilson. An amazing leader, thinker, reader, music lover, laugh maker and all around awesome guy. You challenge and amaze me daily.

4. Awesome teachers

5. My hot bag
6. Swimming pools

7. Campbell. A tender heart, people lover, passionate, story teller, puzzle solver and all around wonder boy. You melt my heart. 
8. Red lipstick

 9. Changing seasons
10. Small group. I am richly blessed by a group of 9th grade ladies that I meet with weekly. They have a special place in my heart and just the thought of them makes me smile...and laugh. 
11. FaceTime

12. Nertz
13. A job I adore

14. Memories
15. Dreams and the people who follow them. I have been blown away this year by the people I know who are following their dreams, the scary places it takes them and the wonderful adventures they are on. 

16. Sleep
17. Forgiveness
18. Apples

19. Family. We are beyond blessed with amazing families. I am so thankful for the one I was born in to and the one I have had the privilege of marrying.  My people who I learn from, laugh with and love the most. 

20. Starbucks
21. The bike I ride. Left behind by theChinos and loved dearly by me. 
22. Travel plans for 2014 (Chinos here I come) 
23. grace, i don't deserve thankful for it. 

24. Fellowship North
25. Friends. My favorites. My life is the most fun because of beach trips, cruise ships, Santo Sundays, birthday lunches, coffee dates, nertz games and group text. 
26. My dad. I am not afraid to admit that I am a daddy's girl, I love my dad, but this year I am so grateful for time together and a hobby we love to share. Lets get back in those bikes Jimbo! 
27. Seasons. Each is special as long as it doesn't overstay it's welcome. Fall is my fav. 

28. Soccer and my soccer people
29. Pizza

30. My sisters. I never really wanted a sister or gave it any thought, but The Lord has blessed me with three amazing sister in laws. All three strong women who are so totally comfortable in their own skin. You inspire me to go for my dreams and challenge me to be better.

31. Being an aunt. 9 of my most favorite people. 
32. Clothes

33. Legos
34. My hubs. My best friend. After it's all said and done I just love you like crazy and most days I am super thankful that I get to wake up next to you. 
Happy day all! I am thankful for you.

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