me & molly (central arkansas senior photographer)

 From the second we pulled up at this location I was in love. It is pretty rare for me to shoot in a place that I didn't have some hand in picking, or have at least seen before. I had total faith that it would be amazing, I had seen a few pictures and Ms Molly has a great photographic eye, but it exceeded all expectations. I was in awe as I walked around every corner.
 Molly was great to work with, willing to climb on things and sit in questionable areas. And she didn't even mock me for how excited I was about these dilapidated buildings....she was even excited with me.
 On top of the location we were also working with great clothes (five changes), amazing weather, and she is pretty cute too (or gorgeous). Other than the horses, which I am apparently attractive to and scared of, it was a perfect shoot.
I could have and still could go on and on, but we were forced to stop by total darkness.
thanks molly!

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Whimsy World said...

Whitney! Your photos are amazing! They get better every time :) I love this shoot!

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