zoo (arkansas family photographer)

 I'm sure I have mentioned in the past that one of my favorite things about working with my family is that I can use fun ideas I have in my head and have some input on clothes and they usually are up for whatever. My brother's wife is great with clothes and we have pretty similar likes and interest and so once again it was super fun to work with them.
 Though things that would work with kids that don't know me are lost on my nieces and nephews, who know me too well, I do know what they think is funny and so I can usually get a smile or even a giggle.
 This year I took my brother and his family to the zoo. It really is a pretty spot and a great place to watch a family be a family, I love that. We stopped along the way to check out some of our favorite animals. The giraffes were in rare form and kept standing behind them as we took photos. My nephew was having a very hard time not turning around to watch, but was pretty excited that the giraffe would be in the family photo.
 We had the added bonus of some cool rides outside the zoo, set up for Boo at the Zoo. Unfortunately they were not running until that night, but still a pretty fun backdrop.
 happy monday!

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Unknown said...

Striking similarities between you and your niece, Whitney.. So cool.

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