under umbrellas

 On a rare occasion I have to reschedule a shoot based on bad weather. It is always a bummer, but we work it out and generally make it up in the next week. Last week I had plans to meet up with this beautiful 16 year old and a group of her friends to celebrate her 16th birthday. I was really excited about the shoot because of what a fun group of girls they are, but it was raining and because it was apart we couldn't reschedule. It had been a very rainy few days and we went back and forth about what would be the best plan. At the last minute I told the girls to grab their umbrellas and we would make it work....I'm so glad we did!

 They are a gorgeous group (can you believe they are only 16?) and they had a great time working the umbrellas. We even got a few breaks from the rain and managed a few shots without the umbrellas. The night went on with a fun dinner at Benihana and cake and surprise cars back at home! so fun.
Happy 16th!

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