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Yesterday the boys started fifth and third grades. Every year the first day of school is an exciting and emotion filled time, but add that to saying a big goodbye to the Chinos over breakfast and this mama was a wreck. 
I am beyond thankful for this amazing summer that was filled with sweet memories with people we love and so I was able to wipe my face, take a deep breath, and walk my guys in to school with a smile. The smiles on their faces and excitement over another great year in this place we adore were helpful in turning my morning around.
And apparently it was a great day for these two. Since I was barely able to get it together to take a picture before school we did these photos instead. It was a fun and awesome day in the fifth and third grades which makes for a happy mama. So excited for what this year holds.

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And how about this, when Wilson started Kindergarten we were also missing some Chinos as they were about to return from three months away. I would take three months about now.

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