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For this food Friday I won't be sharing any recipes, but some fun cookie photos because cookies are really the only food I have made in the last week. For the last three years I have been a part of a team of people making cookie dough for a fundraiser for our youth spring break ski trip. We sell and make three kinds of cookies and each student makes money for each bag they sell. I am in charge of the snickerdoodle cookies. I think the first year I made around 1,500 cookies and though it is hard to imagine now I made them all in my home kitchen, batch by batch in a kitchen aid mixer with the help of half a dozen high school boys. Since then we have moved the operation to our church kitchen. I am beyond thankful for this kitchen and huge mixer and so many helpers. This year we made 4,500 snickerdoodles with the help of about 20 people and got it done in about 6 hours. I think in total this year the students sold 15,000 cookies! For snickerdoodle alone we used over 15 dozen eggs and 44 pounds of butter and after writing that I think I might take a nap. 
I hope your weekend is filled with sweet things. It will be a while before any cookies are made in my kitchen.
a few cookie recipes I love...
oatmeal cookies by Alison Chino
key lime meltaways by Smitten Kitchen
sugar cookies by Martha Stewart

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