It is always a pleasure for me to get to photograph families. Between the session and the time I spend processing I feel like I get to know people through the pictures. This process is extra special for me when I am going through it with people I already know well.

They are my family so it's easier to tell them exactly what I want. Even if it involves sitting in very dirty places or laying on damp grass.

Thanks for being willing to go crazy places and try new things.
You are such a beautiful family.

fall "days"

I enjoyed taking pictures of the entire family as I have already done the kids by themselves this fall.
Sometimes it's good to remember we can look cute, even without our kids.

Thanks for a great "day"!
Sorry, I could not help myself.


When I originally talked to this family about doing pictures we had decided on late October to try to catch some beautiful fall colors. We did manage to find a few spots with some leaves changing, but the color I enjoyed most was on sweet A's tights.

These kiddos were precious.

Thanks for going with the flow. I think we landed on some great spots.


These are from a few weeks ago. We went to a friends house who has a great yard. I think the little guys really enjoyed discovering new places.
These little cuties are only 1 year apart. I love the pictures I got of them from behind because you really see how close they are to the same size.

It so great to catch parents looking at their kids.

Thanks for letting me explore with you.
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