bump (north little rock, AR maternity photographer)

Sometimes with my photography I will get a picture in my mind and I have to be patient to find the right person and circumstance to complete that picture and make it reality. This is something I have envisioned for a very long time, like years. In NLR there are these very large speed bumps and always a sign and an arrow pointing. I have always thought it would be so cute to put a baby bump at the end of that arrow and with this adorable bump we were able to make it happen. 
thanks Victoria!

laugh (central arkansas photographer)

Norhaine came to live with the Chinos in January and it has been such a pleasure to get to know her over the past 6 months.I adore this first picture, she has a great laugh.... I love it when someones whole face lights up with laughter.

She will be heading back home soon and I love that I got this opportunity to spend some time capturing her personality and her as a part of their family. She will be so missed.

old friends (central arkansas family photographer)

On Saturday evening I was lucky enough to meet up with some old friends from our days in Fayetteville. We were in a really amazing community group of young couples there and everyone had just started having kids when we moved back to LR. It is now 6 years later and it is always such a treat to get to see these friends and their kiddos.

We worked hard to stay in the shade, I think it was 100 degrees when we met up at 6:30. They all kept a great attitude despite all of our clothes and hair sticking to us.
These two just celebrated their 10 year anniversary and we managed to grab a few shots of them alone. I loved how their youngest kept sneaking in the pictures
We celebrated a succussful shoot with some yummy cupcakes. 
I will do that again...it made for some cute pics.

books (little rock, ar family photographer)

I had the greatest time tonight with the Chinos. We went out to take some pics with Norhaine and the family. At the last minute I told everybody to grab their favorite book, these guys are serious readers....and I am so totally crazy about how the pictures with the books turned out. I will share more soon.
Happy Weekend!

i heart all about babies

This week on iheartfaces it is all about babies. I do love a baby and they are all so cutie so it was hard to pick, but I decided to go with a baby still in the belly. Amy might have the cutest baby bump ever and now has a super cute little guy.

Go check out all the fun entries at http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/.

magnolia hill (little rock, ar wedding photographer)

This past Saturday I got to shoot this beautiful wedding at this beautiful location. I have been in contact with the bride and her mom for a little over a year and I was so excited that the big day was here.

much work to do, but i couldn't wait to share a little.

flowers in the desert

last month i got to take a little girl trip for my mom's birthday. we spent 4 days in las vegas and even though i am pretty sure that this is the only day i used my camera i was so glad i had it for our walk through the bellagio's flower garden.

it was incredibly beautiful and showcased some flowers that i had never seen and some old faves.

wedding day (little rock, ar bridal photographer)

I had such a great time taking these bridal portraits a few months ago and am thrilled to be shooting the wedding today.
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