9 cousins

These are up there as some of my favorites of all time. It might have a little to do with my extreme love for the subjects, but also they were just so fun to do. The madness that comes with shooting this many kids at a time is really a rush.

We did these in December and along with the fun shots of all 9 kids we managed to get individuals that really capture a bit of each of their personalities.

I can't resist with the feet shots and I love this puddle, reflections are the best.

Also great is the new photo size- I am so pumped!

central high (central arkansas photographer)

We did these pictures last fall on a beautiful day. These top two are two of my favorites from the day. I guess because Central High School is so gorgeous and "J" was so natural and comfortable in front of the camera. And I love that smile!
Generally I have a strong opinion on whether a picture should be in color or black and white, but I like both of these both ways.
We also went and hunted down some fall color.

Thanks for showing me around your beautiful school.
and Good Luck in your coming adventures!
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