lee's leaves

When we scheduled these pictures we were planning for leaves. Our main goal was to get a Christmas card picture and we were hoping for fall.
The morning was freezing and with three little ones we decided to move the shoot to their house. It was perfect, with leaves to spare.

I had taken photos of baby j a few months earlier and was excited to get some more with her adorable big brothers.

Thanks for letting me play in your leaves and just being so darn cute!

beautiful music

These are pictures I had been excited about taking since we had to cancel in the summer. These are people that make me smile and it was a delight to share a day (one of their b-days) with them.

I'm not sure if this is what they normally do on a Saturday afternoon, but I enjoyed the private family concert.

Thanks for sharing your birthday with me and for making beautiful music.


I have been taking the James pictures since E was just a little guy and they never disappoint. We always have fun and find fun places to go.

We even happened upon this very cool truck, just parked in the grass.

I've mentioned how I love to capture a couple and I always manage to get sweet moments of Amy and Nathan- they are just sweet!

Thanks for playing in the leaves with me on this cold morning.
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