Was so excited to see this.

Check it and all the beautiful entries here.


i took these pics a few months ago of al and taido and they still make me smile when i look at them.
i heart yellow and these fun contest from iheartfaces.

smiles (central AR newborn photographer)

I had such a fun time today photographing this sweet little 7 week old. She is older than most of the babies I photograph, i usually like to do newborns in the first 2 weeks, but as you can see from the smile she was amazingly fun to photograph.
She couldn't make up her mind about the bow, or anything on her head, but she liked the camera and i think she is working it out with the bow.
You don't have to check out many of my newborn post to know that i LOVE baby sweet!
Such a precious little family.
Thank you so much for letting me spend the day with you guys and for the yummy salad.

football and bubblegum

I had such a great time yesterday with this little guy and his parents. He was totally cracking me up! Two year olds are funny. I feel like my boys were just this size and now they are so big.
I love those big blue eyes and how he is a little sweaty in that bottom boy.
Thanks so much for letting me spend the afternoon with you guys.

happy Mother's Day

Heading out of town today (back on Tuesday) to celebrate Mother's Day and my mama's birthday with some sweet ladies. Wanted to make sure and say happy Mother's Day and say what a privilege it is to get to work with moms on  aregular basis and see them interact with their families. What a great job we have.
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