zeke (arkansas newborn photographer)

 i LOVE sweet Zeke so much already. we took these photos at eight days and he was an absolute dream to work with. we took a few with the same banners that i used in the family photos i took last month, just before his arrival.
 he let me move him all around and snoozed almost the whole time.
 even when he was awake he was so relaxed and even threw me a peace sign.
happy tuesday!


just a little something for a happy wednesday

sweet kate (arkansas newborn photographer)

 all i can really say is i am in love.
sweet kate's oldest brother was my first baby. i didn't give birth to him, but as my bestie's first baby and the first baby i spent significant time with i count him as my first (honorary) baby.
 and now kate has a special place in my heart as the first girl in the McG family.
love her!

family of 7.5 (central arkansas family photographer)

I shared one photo from this session with the James and then got lost in the excitement of their newest addition and forgot to come back and share some more. I really love these people and think they are the most beautiful family.
And hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago baby Z was not yet here....he fits in so perfectly.
I'll have a few newborn photos to share soon.

one year (arkansas childrens photographer)

 I met up with this sweet family a few weeks ago on a crazy hot summer day. We were taking some family photos and some one year photos of their daughter in her traditional Korean dress. I am so crazy about the color and this sweet girls smiling face.
happy monday!

girl (arkansas newborn photographer)

On Thursday one of my closest friends had baby number four and as a member of the boy mom club imagine the surprise when a sweet baby girl was added to the mix. She is so precious I can hardly stand it and I was lucky enough to be there for the birth and to grab a few pics on day three.
Love this the most!
These proud big brothers and the pretty girl already posing for pictures.
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