home (little rock arkansas family photographer)

 Last week I caught up with this family at their beautiful home. I love to shoot at a home and really bring in the personality of a family, we are all so comfortable in our own space.
 This home was amazing inside and out and after my time with them I am thinking this family is pretty amazing too.
 These boys had me cracking up the same way my own boys do. The silly jokes and faces that I can really appreciate as a fellow boy mom.
Last week was CRAZY (mdo photos, pumpkin contest, photo shoots, and fall festival) so I am hoping to play lots of catch up this week.
happy monday!

state fair (little rock, ar family photographer)

 Last year when I worked with this family, also in a great location, we started talking about how much fun it would be to do family pictures at the fair.
 ...so we did and it was!
There were tons of people, lights, fair food, rides.
I am loving the movement and bright colors.
these make me happy.
happy thursday!


today i am finding myself asking how it could possibly be friday? this week has flown by and i feel that i am not sure what i have to show for it. it was a good week, but just way too quick. hoping the days slow or christmas will be here tomorrow.
happy friday!

canoe (north little rock, ar family photographer)

When I met up with this family at the end of the summer i was so excited about the plans we made. We were taking some formal photos and a few family shots and then we took some fun shots in the lake behind the family home (this mama was on a yolo board in a formal gown). They have lots of water toys and my mind was spinning with all the fun we could have. Unfortunately we ran out of daylight, but last week we met up again to get some great backyard shots with the family canoes....love!
I think the photos show a family that loves to be together and be outside. I know these kiddos and I love the personality that can't help but come across. Today these pictures are making me smile.
happy friday!

growing up (central arkansas family photographer)

it's fall! i love the weather and the clothes and i love, love, love the opportunity to work with families again. this adorable little man is now two and half and i can't believe how the time has flown since i first photographed him two years ago.
the last two years we have worked in a more urban setting. it was so much fun to do something more earthy and really give this little man some room to run. changing up location can really direct the feeling of the photos and is a great way to update family photos.

happy wednesday! and happy fall!

christmas cards!

I have been so excited to share this years Christmas card options. These templates are for 5x7 flat or folded cards (a 4x6 flat card can be made and mailed as a postcard with $0.28 postage). The colors and text on these cards are customizable and can be matched to your photos. 



 The tenth option would be to do a solid photo, horizontal or vertical, on one side of the card and to pick one of the above options as the opposite side. I will also still offer the designs we used last year (seen here).
Cards include envelopes and are sold in sets of 25
flat cards.....$2 per card
folded cards......$3 per card
Now is a great time time to go ahead and order cards if your proofs are already up. Printing will take approximately two weeks.

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