family of 7 {central arkansas photographer}

Anytime I photograph a big family I kind of wish I had 5 or 6 kids. This family was no exception, in fact they might have made me wish it more because they could not be cuter!

I don't do a lot of directing during a shoot, but I almost always try to sneak the couple away for a few shots and usually direct them to take turns looking at me and each other. I did not have to do any of that with this couple, who just celebrated 20 years of marriage, they were so great together.

It was a really hot day and they were troopers. Because of that we did a lot of walking and found some wonderful spots.

Thank you guys so much for sharing your story with me.
I had such a great time being with your family.
The rest of the pictures will be ready soon, I love them!

wedding day {cental arkansas engagement photographer}

We did these engagement pictures this winter and I thought I would share them today because it is their wedding day! I can remember the excitement and joy of my wedding day and it makes me smile to think about that for them.

Sean and Elyse,
I am so excited for you and the journey you start together today.

beautiful sky {central arkansas photographer}

Considering the crazy weather that we have had over the past 2 months I have been very lucky. I have not had to cancel any sessions, a few weather related time changes, but only minor. On the day I was shooting this family it started raining like crazy about 2 hours before we were suppose to meet, but we were meeting about 30 minutes away and it was not raining there. As I am driving to meet them my mom (my personal weather lady) is calling me to tell me we are under a tornado warning. We never saw any tornadoes, or even rain, but we did have beautiful skies and some clouds to cover the crazy hot Arkansas sun.

It's always an adventure to shoot in a place I have never seen and with an extended family, but these guys made it easy.

Just thought I would give you guys a quick look. Now back to work...plenty to do while my kids are visiting the grandparents.
They will be done in the next few days. Thanks!

Courtney and Chad wedding sneak peek {central arkansas wedding photographer}

These are a few pictures from a wedding I did last weekend. I just started looking at them and thought I would share a few early favorites.

new for me...a sneak peek {cental arkansas newborn photographer}

K, so I am the worst at updating this blog. I am debating combining it with my family blog and would really love to start blogging as I edited a sneak peek. So in effort to try things I am thinking I am putting up this one picture from a newborn session that I am currently editing. This family was adorable and this sweet baby snoozed through most of her first photo session.
I love the way the dad's bracelet says Hope and it is pointed just right at the camera, I didn't plan that-so great.

One of my favorite parts about my job is the way I get to step into a relationship or family. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this special time in your sweet family.
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