senior year (little rock AR senior photographer)

On Sunday Night I got to meet up with this guy who is starting his Senior year. I really love photographing Seniors. They are in the middle of such an exciting and life changing year and for this guy, who I have known for a while, it so fun to see him at the beginning of his life as an adult.
It was a great day and I hope you have a great year!

more from colorado (arkansas wedding photographer)

I have been meaning to put a few more of these up, but I have honestly been crazy busy playing catch up now that the boy are back in school. Yesterday I had a request to put up a few more and since it was from the groom's sister, who happens to be one of my dearest friends, i thought i better get on it.
We were dealing with a gorgeous backdrop and some gorgeous people too.
Groomsmen crack me up and I am often times surprised by how many ideas they have for me. I loved the bar shots that these guys came up with, the hotel bar was beautiful. And after a few shots there we headed to the ceremony site which was AMAZING!
I am still having dreams about this bus bar and the fun i could have there. It might be added to a list I have in my head of places I must shoot before I die. I could do a whole session in this cool little spot.
A really amazing day followed by a great party.

hot....part 2

my husband is wonderful and he figured it out so here are a few more. these two love their toms and so do i.

really a great day!

hot (nlr,ar couples photographer)

blogger is hating on me and will only let me correctly upload this one picture, but i really wanted to share from this session so i guess one will have to do for now. we took these on saturday night and it was seriously 100 degrees when we started. besides making ourselves sick from the heat we had a great time.

head shots (little rock, AR photographer)

On Friday night I met up with this young man to take some head shots. He is an aspiring actor, impressive speaker and all around great guy.
I really enjoyed my time with him and hearing about his journey. I am very inspired by young  people who are so motivated and go after what they want. I have no doubt that he will do amazing things.

back to work

After a week and a half of vacation and a very hard and sad few days back home I am in serious need of getting some work done. I have about twenty pictures I would love to blog from this wedding, but I have to start somewhere. So here is one from the beautiful Colorado wedding and a promise that more will follow shortly.

purple (central AR wedding photographer)

I was so thrilled to be a part of this special day. It was an intimate ceremony and a delicious brunch reception. The bride looked amazing in purple and the couple were truly a pleasure to be with.
We even took a little time out to get some amazing shots of them together before joining the reception. 
I am vacationing this week and working hard at not working, but I wanted to share a few.
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