Tony c/o 2014 (NLRHS senior 2014)

Same. Love this young man, his family and his heart. So excited for him! 

Morgan c/o 2014 (NLRHS senior 2014)

Today is graduation day here in NLR! An exciting day that really represents an end to one season and the beginning of another. It has me feeling nostalgic, my own graduation here in NLR was almost exactly 16 years ago. I am also empathizing with my sweet friends who have children graduating today as I am sure they are filled with pride and maybe a little bit of sadness. I can imagine how quickly this moment will be here for us, only 7 years away, and the feelings I feel now with a 5th grade graduate multiplied times 100. 

I am also excited to post these photos today as these young men are each special to me and my family. They are framily. They are men of God. They are guys that my sons look up to. Men that I knew as boys. They are choosing their paths. And I am proud. Congrats class of 2014!

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