As the year is coming to an end I am definitely taking some time to think about 2009. It has been a really great year for our family and a great year for me to get to do what I love. I take pictures because I love it and can't imagine my life without it and because I love people and so enjoy being in on their story. And as much as I love being with new folks and seeing how families work it really all comes back to how crazy I am about my family. This year I have been lucky enough to take pics of all of my nieces and nephews. Some individuals, together with my kids, and each of their families.
Here's the boys!
Phin (2)
Simon (3)
Dylan (6)
Ben (8)
Cole (12)

Merry Christmas

from our family to yours.

gift {central AR newborn photographer}

A precious new baby girl.
Can't think of a better Christmas present for this sweet family than their newest addition.

last not least {little rock, AR family photographer}

Always love my time with the James Fam and this was no exception. We had such a great time despite a cold and windy morning.

These happy faces make me smile.

This is probably all I've got before Christmas.
Hope you all have a great one.

for the love {arkansas family photographer}

I am having a little trouble keeping up with life and blogging, but I just couldn't go on without sharing this picture- i LOVE it!
I spent a Sunday afternoon with this wonderful family a few weeks ago and they were so fun.
More of this and others coming back to work.


I really do feel so thankful that I get to do something I love.

And I love the people I get to work with. These 2 were so much fun. They had me cracking up.


time in NWA {arkansas couples photographer}

This past weekend the boys and I headed to NWA to visit friends, call the Hogs and take some pictures...of some friends.

I was so excited to see this friend and meet her fiance. I approve. They are such a cute couple.

And I had such a great time with them...and I think it was pretty painless on their end too.

Can't wait for your wedding!

my guy {north little rock, AR childrens photographer}

This week I have had the super fun, and crazy, job of taking the individual school pictures at Campbell's MDO. I really had such a great time and now have LOTS of editing to do. Thought I would share a few of Campbell.

I love that smile.

growing {central arkansas family photographer}

I am really falling behind on my sneak peek post, but I wanted to share a few from this session that I am working on. I got to start off by taking some pics of the 4 cousins and then 2 of the kiddos with their parents.

This fall I have worked with a few families that i worked with last year and I am always amazed with how much the kiddos have grown. This is especially true if they have a two year old...the difference between 1 and 2 is crazy!

I was so in love with these yellow leaves that I took my kids there to get a few pics the next day.

little look {central AR family photographer}

I am taking a bit longer than I want to show my little peek....and this one only comes with 1 picture, but I love it!
This little family was so sweet and I really enjoyed my time with them.

more brown eyed beauties {Little Rock, AR childrens photographer}

You can't fake that!
There have been numerous times that I wish I could just bottle the sound of my kids laughing and when I look at this picture I feel like I can almost hear that sweet sound from these cuties.

I took pics of this family around this time last year and I loved seeing them again and the way these little ones are growing.

Thanks for spending this beautiful morning with me. And for teaching me some stuffed animal never know when that might come in handy.

a good Day

I really meant to post these pictures on Friday morning because that was when I was suppose to take these. Luckily this smart mama watched the weather and we moved them up to a day without rain (these days have been a little hard to find).

I adore these kiddos and their beautiful brown eyes.

Despite the super soggy ground and an incident with a shoe we had a great morning together.

shoes please {little rock, AR senior photographer}

I had the best time on Sunday with this lovely lady. We went down by the river for this session and while shooting got to enjoy the music from CityFest.

I also enjoyed her super fun wardrobe changes....including some shoes i would like to borrow.

Thanks for some girl time.
Seniors are so fun!

climbing {little rock, AR family photographer}

On Saturday afternoon I spent some time with this sweet family including their adorable little guy.

He was all boy! And we had fun playing in the grass and with trees...and throwing rocks and climbing. We even got to check out some railroad tracks.

I love October afternoons!

A is for fAmily {little rock family photographer}

I have known the "A" family for over 15 years so it was so fun for me to get to take their pictures.

I spent time with the kiddos and some time with the whole fam. I even got to grab a picture of the original 5!

I love seeing how a family has grown.

Thanks for a fun morning.
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