graduation is coming! (north little rock senior photographer)

 In spring as the air fills with floral smells and the people in my house amp up the benadryl intake I am always reminded of newness and new life. Both of my boys were born in the spring and I love watching as the trees wake up from winter. I love nothing more than sitting on a patio taking in the fresh spring air. And I love the season of seniors. What an exciting time.

sharpie eggs

I must confess that Easter is truly one of my most favorite holidays. It started as a child with a deep love for color, egg hunts, new dresses and as a southern girl even the occasional easter hat. In my adulthood I maintain the love of all those things and also the triumphs and traditions of Easter. I am preparing my heart for the next week. To wave palm branches, finish reading through the book of John, decorate eggs, make treats, to mourn and celebrate, break bread, and anticipate what is to come. I love Easter. 
Eggs are tied to Easter as a symbol of rebirth. Dying eggs has long been one of my most favorite things.  As the smell of vinegar fills the air I am immediately taken back to a little girl dressed in her easter best with fingers and nails that were dyed every color of the rainbow. I look forward each year to doing the same thing with my boys, enjoying the many colors of their little hands. 
As much as I enjoy the memories of that smell and those colors we decided to try something different last year. We used sharpies to color our eggs. It was a great option for less mess and offered more details. This year I might try a combination, but for quick and easy I say give sharpie easter eggs a try. 
What are your favorite Easter traditions?
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