hi and bye (little rock, AR senior photographer)

 Wanted to get a few of these up before I head out of town. I will be out of pocket for the next week and will pick up here...with a few more of these....when i get back.
 love the clothes. love the light. love this sweet girl.
happy friday!


This week at i heart faces the theme is innocent wonder. 
I tried out some fun props this fall to keep the fun in my family sessions.
This pic makes me smile.

sara (little rock, AR bridal photographer)

 Playing a little catch up as I am finally getting back in the swing of the boys being back in school. I have been so excited to share these bridal pics of Sara that we took in December. The space we were working with was amazing and this girl really knew how to work it...leaving us with gorgeous images.
 We shot the majority of the pics inside, it was about 40 degrees outside, but i couldn't resist this view and a few outdoor shots.
Back to work.
Happy Friday!

i heart snow

This week at I heart faces it is a winter wonderland photo challenge. This picture is from a snow day last year and I love the way it looks like he is inside a snow globe with snow falling all around.

almost one (nlr, ar family photographer)

 I have made no bones about the fact that I love these three (4 with Zeke the dog) and think they are all pretty easy to look at too.
We met up last week and I am crazy about the images we got.
 I think the above is my favorite. love, love, love!!!
 Then thanks to Amy we took a picture to go in the growing series of sweet Abe on her lap. I laughed to myself as I thought about how funny it will be to sit him there when he is 18.
Thank you so much for letting me watch your family grow.

one more (arkansas wedding photographer)

Thought I would add one more from this wedding because this week at i heart faces the category is smile and as i mentioned i heart the way these two look at each other...smiles and otherwise.

mark & sara (little rock, ar wedding photographer)

 I am wishing a big congrats to Mark and Sara who were married on Saturday, January 8th 2011. I was excited for my first wedding of 2011 and it didn't hurt that I was working with a lovely couple at an unbelievable venue.
 From the second I saw how Sara and Mark looked at one another I knew we were going to have lots of fun together. They are so crazy about each other and totally lost in the moment.
 I could do a whole post on shots from this next room. AMAZING!
Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day.

baby it's cold (central AR family photographer)

This family was my last family session before Christmas. We met up on a VERY cold afternoon and tried our best to stay warm. I think they worked it out and don't at all look cold, they do however look gorgeous. Such a beautiful family! And really wonderful people too.
With a mom and dad that look like this there is no doubt that they have beautiful children...but come on! they are so cute.
Double props here because it is truly 35 degrees and AJ is rocking that sleeveless dress with a smile.
So thankful for an amazing Fall full of great families.


 I am so thankful for the time I got to spend behind my camera this year. I got to see people I love get married, experience new life, new lives together, and be with amazing families, but one of my favorite things is that I got to be in front of the camera way more than usual and capture this moment in time with our families.
 The pictures we have of all 17 of us (the Loibner family) are few and far between, and usually thrown together, so I am so thankful for this picture.
And the same is true with my family. The last time we had a picture together was before Reese was born.
2010 was a great year!
Happy New Year 2011!
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