the James 6.5

 Yesterday I had the great pleasure of being a part of something truly wonderful. Our close friends had the joy of officially adding two precious girls to their family. I got to be there as they witnessed to the love they have for their children and to hear the judge call them for the first times by their new names.
 To say that this all seemed meant to be would really be a great understatement. The girls have come into this family so effortlessly and they all fit together in such a perfect way.
 I am overjoyed. I am brought to tears.

a look (north little rock couples photographer)

 One of my favorite things about working with a couple is to see who and how they are with each other. I love hearing their story. And I adore seeing the look. There is a way we react to those closest to us and it is a beautiful thing and something that we ourselves are probably not even aware of.
 This couple so naturally looked to each other and were just enjoying each other. I do have pictures of them not looking at each other, but I just couldn't help but want to share all of their sweet looks.
 We met up for a few pics in a beautiful field...with an unbelievable sunset and then made our way to the Wildwood Lantern Festival. It was not what we expected...not so many lanterns, but it was beautiful and really fun.

dreamy (central arkansas senior photographer)

this picture makes me want to be outside and look at clouds and it makes me smile.
i am excited about a beautiful weekend.
happy friday!

i heart red

this week at i heart faces it is all about red.
i heart this pic and this adorable family.

my funny valentines

 over the snow days i made my boys pose for some valentine pics. we printed a few pics to give as their valentines and they are cracking me up. it goes against my "normal" style to say stand here, hold this....and it was not going over great with my little models either....they are stinkers.
 and as you can tell from the fake smiles below they were over it by the time i asked them to sit together.
happy valentine's day


Just want to share a little love as we go into this preValentine weekend.


blogging a little about our colorado vacation here.
snow day!

peter and darby (north little rock, arkansas wedding photographer)

 I am crazy about this couple. They have a wonderful story and such a great attitude about life and i loved the way they felt about their wedding. They got married on a beautiful Thursday evening and gave me lots of extra time to take plenty of pictures of the two of favorite.
 They were super laid back and so easy to work with.
 love, love, love
 happy monday!

hello (central arkansas wedding photographer)

Been out of town and just making it back to my computer.
I shot Peter and Darby's wedding the night before we left and have been very excited to get back and take a look at them. I made a promise to share some tomorrow, but wanted to get it all started with a quick look tonight.
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