sprung (north little rock ar engagement photographer)

 I have known Rob since junior high and I was so excited to have the chance to get to take these engagement photos of he and his beautiful fiance.
 They are a precious couple and it was a treat to have this time with them.
 Lauren told me, when talking about a location, that she wanted to capture the beauty of Arkansas in the spring. We found some great spots and had a gorgeous seventy degree day. 
I heart spring.
 While getting in position for some of the photos in this field we reminisced about some good old dog town days and how Rob and his friends took a picture like this at all of our high school dances.
 Love this sun!
Congratulations Guys!
We are so happy for you both.


Whimsy World said...

Whitney, your pictures are so beautiful! You really captured some great shots!

Unknown said...


Amy James said...

these are great! What a beautiful couple.

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