fall (central arkansas family photographer)

I love fall. The leaves turning and the fireplaces crackling. The cool mornings and fall clothes. I love the newness of a changing season.
Actually I really love summer too. And winter and spring. I guess what I love is how when the seasons change we have to say goodbye to the good parts of the season past and greet the good parts of the season to come. In the autumn, the season change is so vivid as the signs of spring and summer are literally falling away.
Somehow as I looked through these photos, I thought about fall and how much I love it. I was reminded that the changing of seasons are like the changes in our lives.
I photographed this young couple a few years ago before they had children. It was so fun to catch up with them again and see them as parents to a new baby. A beautiful new season.
And I know that just as fall is passing before my eyes, this season for this family will come and go more quickly than they can imagine.
It is a precious time and I am so thankful that I got to be a part of watching this season change in their lives.

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