Chinos to Scotland

My heart hurts as I load these photos and face the truth of the Chino Family moving to Scotland. Monday they set out on an amazing adventure and for that I am thrilled. Excited to hear of the new life they will make in Aberdeen, the people they will meet, the accents they might pick up and the people there that will be beyond blessed to have these precious people in their lives. My people. And because they are my people I am hurting. Longing for a time when we will have the chance to be together again, breaking bread, laughing, even simply sitting across a room or down the pew from my people.

With the Chino family across an ocean our photo shoots will be minimized so we decided to do a moving to Scotland inspired shoot before the big move. We ran with the theme of moving with bags and shot at a local train station. For the clothes we wanted to go classic and keep the color minimal. I love the way the clothes look and really tell a story in an understated way.

Seriously they are adorable.

 I miss these people like crazy already, but will find comfort in knowing that they are on an amazing adventure.
Can't wait to follow along on


Desperately Seeking Gina said...

What a lovely shoot and an awesome family!

Sunshine said...

solid. They're so beautiful. These are great shots whitney!

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