food friday...bacon and BLT dip

bacon, Petit Jean, oven cooked bacon
 As a southern girl I know my way around cooking with bacon. It is a deeply loved food in our home and one of those things that sends the kids running to the kitchen by the smell alone. We love a BLT, bacon on our salads, bacon with our eggs and added to some of our favorite recipes. All that bacon can make for a little mess so I was thrilled to learn that you can cook bacon in the oven, a discovery I only made a few years ago and have been since working to perfect. I have decided that this is my favorite method...

Oven Cooked Bacon:
Line a sheet pan with foil for easier clean up
Place the bacon on the sheet where it is close, but not necessarily overlapping (pieces will stick together a bit)
Put bacon in a cold oven and shut the door
Turn the oven on 400 and set a timer for approx 20 minutes (20ish minutes works well for thicker bacon...I am working with Petit Jean bacon)
When bacon is done lay it out on paper towels to remove excess fat.
Best bacon ever!

BLT Dip, bacon, Petit Jean
 Since you have some great bacon you might as well have a little fun and make some dip. I am loving this BLT dip that my parents make. It goes over great at a party or a little weekend at the lake.
BLT Dip, bacon, Petit Jean
BLT Dip:
1 cup nice mayo
1 Tbs dijon mustard
little cayenne pepper
10 slices of bacon chopped
3 green onions chopped
1/2 cup fresh parsley chopped
1 can rotel drained
3 medium sized tomatoes chopped
little salt and pepper
stir all ingredients and chill for a couple of hours before serving
It is debated in our house if this should be served with tortilla chips or kettle potato chips.
Try it out and let me know your vote.

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