Chinos in Switzerland

Two weeks ago we returned home from a three week adventure with the Chino family. While their faces were certainly my favorite thing to see we also enjoyed the views as we traveled around Europe. I got to combine my love for both and grab a few pictures before we said our tearful goodbyes.
I have millions of photos to share from our trip, but since I know I'm not the only one who misses these faces I thought I would start my Europe sharing with these.
Cole celebrated his 17th birthday while we were in Switzerland. He is a man. I was struck by the ways he seemed so much older. He still holds pieces of the little boy I fell in love with as Peter and I began dating 16 years ago, but has also grown into a leader, a hard worker and pretty amazing quesadilla maker.
Ben is a TEENAGER! 13. He has grown what feels like an inch for every month they have been gone.  As always he has a smile that is contagious and a spirit to match. I love the way Ben approaches life with complete abandon, he is all in and up for adventure.
Simon turned 8 just before we got to Scotland. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday and in these 8 years we have made many memories with Simon and our boys. They picked up playing and fell into conversation as if they were together yesterday. The sound of Simon's voice is so missed in our home. He is loving.
My girl MP is a week away from her 15th birthday. I heart her. Mary Polly seems so grown. She is bright and quick and makes me laugh. It was such a treat to hear about her life in Scotland, see her excelling in school and watch the part she plays among her brothers.

I miss and love each of these people with my whole heart, but was so glad to see them happy and experience a little piece of this amazing journey they are on.

In case you aren't already....follow  along with the Chino family adventures HERE!

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