#CousinsTakeEurope...Aberdeen Day 1

It was just over a year ago when we got the news that the Chino family would be heading to Scotland. They were plans that we knew were in the works, but could pretend might never happen and go on with our life together. It was exciting, dream fulfilling news for Alison & Taido and while we celebrated along we also began to prepare our hearts. See we are family and not in the holiday visits kind of way. We were almost daily a part of each others lives and I knew that there would be an ache and longing as an ocean came between us. 
As a girl who loves to travel I soon began to put my longing into planning a visit. With leaving being even harder than I imagined I had my sights on a Christmas visit and then a longer trip for summer 2014. Eventually the reality of total cost with flying a family of four to Europe set in and I set my full sights on an extended trip for this summer. Because of saved vacation of Peter's and my flexible schedule we decided we could swing three weeks. Alison and I talked and planned frequently and in January we bought tickets that would put us in Aberdeen on July 2 just as the Chino kids headed into summer break.
We wrote the date on all of our calendars, got countdown apps, obsessively researched the cities we were to visit, pinned things to do in Europe & how to do it with kids. There was much excitement in the planning, but it all boiled down to how excited we all were to sit in a room together, give big hugs and listen to our kiddos play hard.
It is honestly hard for me to look at these photos because of how sweet these moments were. These are people I love so very dearly and miss with my whole heart. These photos are from our first day in Aberdeen. We arrived at 11am and were greeted by big hugs from Alison. We kept looking at each other and talking about how hard it was to believe that this was actually happening, a year in the making. We got to see the Chinos home, share tea, nap and then take the short walk to pick Simon up from school. I had lived this moment out in my head so many times, the second my boys saw Simon who they miss like crazy. We walked into the school yard and in an almost painful twist of fate Simon was sitting by a window. We could see him and not get to him!!! The moments took an eternity, but soon he was the first one out the doors. He was attacked (and slightly embarrassed) by my boys, but the best part was how they fell directly into a conversation...picking up like they had been together only a day before. It was so good for my heart.
We had equally sweet greetings as the older three Chinos came in from school and big hugs were exchanged.
After dinner we loaded up and began taking in the sights around Aberdeen. We hit the beach. It was the beginning of me falling in love with Scotland, it is seriously beautiful! And to make it even better I think these photos were taken around 9pm. I love sunlight so that was such a treat and fun to take in the crisp to us temperatures.
#CousinsTakeEurope had officially begun and we were in for many adventures.


Photo Girl said...

What a stunning landscape! It looks like you had the time of your life.

Unknown said...

I'm reading through a month or more of blog posts that have been sitting idle. Love the pictures. So glad you had such a wonderful time.

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