#CousinsTakeEurope...a walk by the sea

On our Saturday in Scotland we headed out for another day of adventure, but this time with Taido in tow. We snuggled up in the Chino van (we pushed the limits on this several times) and went a bit north for a walk along the sea. I was a little bit nervous as the walk started with a small climb up some rocks and my knee is not back to normal, but at first sight the view was going to be totally worth it.
Taido walked ahead with the boys while Alison and Pete hung back with the slow walker (me). We took tons of photos and enjoyed every step.

The cliffs were breathtaking! Also made us a little weak in the knees a few times with serious drop offs.

In the distance as we walked we could see this ruin as our destination and even saw the boys start to climb it as we approached through a field of sheep.

We grabbed a few photos....

and took a little country road back to the car.
We were on an ongoing hunt for the highland coo, but were plenty entertained by this field full of regular Scottish cows. They followed the boys and loved the sound of my camera.

This walk might have been my most favorite piece of Scotland. The sea meeting the rolling green hills was perfection.

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