because i love 1

I start with the confession that I am a girl who loves love. You can talk me into a romcom any day and I often times find myself lost in someone's love story. The details of how you met, what you were wearing, that feeling you had....I eat it all up. As I get older and see more love stories at every stage I have found that there is further joy and such a deeper love when looking beyond those first feelings. We have the chance to see a love story play out. There are bumps and bruises and millions of I'm sorries and please forgive mes, death and birth and so much grace. Love is so much more than a feeling, love is a story.
As we count down to Valentine's Day I am planning to share some love stories. I have asked some of my clients to share their love story and I will be sharing a photo of the couples. Excited to share the love.
Happy February!

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