i love love...day 6

Stacey & Anthony, married 9 months

Anthony, the first time I saw you, you glowed to me. You were playing the piano at church, and I knew you were something special. I love that you courted me long distance for over three months. I think we bared our souls in those text messages. I remember showing them to my friends in disbelief that any man could be so endearing. Marrying you was so natural, so easy -- like two souls who have loved each other through eternity. And I look forward to spending the rest of eternity as your wife.

Sometimes saying "I love you" seems too weak, too ordinary, too superficial for how deeply I care about you.  I am certain I saw you and perhaps spoken to you before, but it was around this time a couple of years ago that I really met you.  I was at a loss for words. I was awestruck. This chance meeting was a magical moment that floats between reality and dreams.  It took me another four months to decide to throw caution to the wind to chase this impossible dream.
And that I did... I courted you for 200 days, dated you for 100 days, and want to spend the rest of my days with you...
Now when "I love you" does not seem to say enough, this sums it up, "Stacey, you are amazing!"


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