i love love...day 7

Alison & Taido, married 19 years

Dear Taido,
I remember when we moved back home to Arkansas after years of being away, I felt like we had done our time in the far away places. I both mourned and celebrated the end of that season of our lives. I was so grateful for the time away because it taught us to walk through life alone together. In moving away again I have been surprised by how I am relearning to walk together in a strange place all over again and I am struck anew by the gift that it is to our marriage. Watching you walk with confidence into the unknown has been so inspiring. You hopped in a car and drove it on the left side of the road like you have been doing it all your life and you have given yourself to a completely new world of people, learning and stretching and being open to whatever is next. I'm amazed at how your embracing of both theology and the local church have already opened doors for you that it seems you were created to walk through. And I'm so grateful that though you cannot see the end result of either of our current vocational pursuits that you encourage me to remember that this time and place is all that matters. Today is all we have, and I'm so thankful that we have it together. I would not have it any other way.
With all my love,

Dearest Alison,

As we have sought to re-establish our lives over the last five months in a new land, many of those qualities that first drew me to you all those years ago shine with a new brilliance against the dark Scottish sky. I’ve always been able to appreciate to your adventurous spirit, but your willingness to trust me and leave all else behind in order to begin again has been both encouraging and humbling. Not just a willingness either, but when the challenges of our new life here seem overwhelming your optimism have been the things that have kept me sane and us moving forward. I’ve loved watching you embrace your writing in a brand new way, the stories you’re living and telling, and the creativity with which you are approaching your new projects. When it is all said and done, I believe it will be your dogged determination that carries the day for all of us. My love and appreciation grows for you daily!
Always yours,

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