i love love...day 4

Heidi & John David, married 2 months
Dear Heidi,
From the day I first saw you I knew you were special.  I knew you were different.  And I knew you were the one.  Through the years, the good and the bad, I still knew you where the one.  Nothing has made me happier than to start a life with you as your husband!
I love you forever and always! 
John David 
To My Loving Husband,
I like reflecting on our sweet love story! One of my favorite memories is when we very first got back together.  That was such a happy time!  I remember the look on your face and the butterflies in my stomach when I opened the front door and you weren’t expecting it to be me.  You were thinking it be one of my brothers standing there!  I remember when you guys came back from the lake that weekend to a birthday party where the whole family was there.  Everyone was so excited and filled with anticipation of what was sure to come!  I also remember realizing how muscley you’d gotten when you hugged me before you left!  Papa was especially thrilled when he caught me staring as you walked to your truck.  He made me wave to you as you drove off.  I felt like a giddy little school-girl thinking up reasons to text you that week.  And then all was right in the world when we spent the weekend at the cabin with my family.  I love looking back on that weekend. It's just so sweet.  I could feel it. You could feel it. Everyone around us could feel it. We're definitely meant to be!
I love you so much! Forever and always!

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