i love love...day 9

Jim & June, my cutie parents, have been married 35 years

So much of what I have to be thankful for begins with a brief conversation at the coffee pot in the break room of my office in 1977. A beautiful girl spoke to me with a smile and a look that I would never forget.
Less than a year later, that beautiful girl had turned my life right side up and made my world a wonderful place to live. Today, 35 years later, after all the change we have been thru together being with her makes my life the best of the best.
If something good has happened to me, she is at the start of it. If our family has a shining moment, it’s because of the way she led our children in the formative years. Today we can pursue our individual interest, spend some time apart, and reunite with the same passion as we’ve always had because of the years of mutual experience, respect and love.
Today, when I see her and I see that smile, that look, that’s been there since that first day, I realize that it truly takes her to make me.….
We will always be Jim and June

From our first date I knew I was in love with this man but I always tell people I think he fell in love with my son (Eddie) before he fell in love with me.  The gentlest and kindest person I had ever met.  And then a year later another child.  We felt so blessed.  Thank you Jim for all of your love and you know I feel the same about you.   Two great kids, a son in law and daughter in law that we love and 4 wonderful grandchildren.  We have had a great journey and I can't wait to see what is ahead .  I love you with all my heart.  

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