i love love...day 14 US

photos by Josh Hejl
Peter & I have been married 14 years

As a girl who loves love I must admit that I entered our marriage a bit naive about real love. I was and continue to be crazy about you, but I have found that love is less happily ever after and more for better or worse. It has taught me to be incredibly thankful for the better and to take the worse with much patience and grace and to hope that you will do the same. 
On this Valentine's Day I am thankful that you are the one I am on this journey with. You are my best friend and my absolute favorite. 

My dearest Whitney,

I love being with you. I love playing games with you. I love watching movies with you. I love driving with you. I love working with you. I love dreaming with you. I love doing projects with you (even if you don't like them sometimes). I love vacationing with you. I love figuring out our kids with you. I love hanging out with community with you. I love taking pictures with you (whichever side of the camera we are on). I love sleeping in late with you. I love going out to eat with you. I love all the times. The good times are so good. And the bad times are worth doing for all the good. I love you dearly. I am so grateful for you and all you have put up with over the years.

You are my favorite.

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