i love love...day 3

Chris & Melany, married 16 years

Love at first sight. It's for real. From the moment I laid my eyes on you at the beach, I knew you were the one for me. Your heart, your genuine personality and your...well...hot body is what  caught my attention and I knew right then that I never wanted to be without you. I can't imagine raising daughters or even doing life without you. I love you a whole bunch!

Dear Melany,
It has been almost 19 years since I rode 10 1/2 hours to meet you for the first time in Destin, FL. I could not have planned a meeting like that on my own. God knew what he was doing. At first sight, I felt something different than I ever had before. And no, it wasn't the sand in my bathing suit. You were beautiful then and have grown more beautiful each day since that first day, both inside and out. 
I have had the privilege of watching you become a mother to two beautiful daughters. You have allowed me to screw up along the way and still love me more. You support me, laugh with me, laugh at me, and cry with me. You forgive me when I fail you and you love me when I don't deserve it. 
This Valentine's Day will be the 18th one we have had together. I am glad you are my Valentine not only on February 14th, but also the other 364 days of the year! You are my one true love and my lover!!

I Love You,

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