i love love...day 2

Julie & Travis, married 19 years

"There was no Match.com when Travis and I met; we were just a bunch of crazy friends who hung out together and happened to be dating other (crazy) people. Our friends saw something that told them that Travis and I should date each other….sooo we started as friends who rode to our college classes together. That friendship led to a movie at his moms that led to a first kiss. We dated and (kissed) our way through college with the usual movie, food, and skating date nights.
After three years we walked down the aisle and said “I do” in the traditional white gown and dark tux complete with wedding-album photographs to commemorate our special day. Our life has been blessed with ups and downs and two great kids. We crave simplicity in this busy world of work, kids, school, gymnastics and life. We love to go to the beach and just enjoy the beauty and tranquility of being there together. This April we will celebrate our twentieth anniversary, so it’s definitely time to have another picture of the way we began our relationship….just the two of us."

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